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                                       has deep roots in tradition. 


I guess you can say it all started when my Grandfather and Uncle Miles built my Roadster in 1956.  They built it in the garage, just like most of the hot cars being built in that era they used what they had, and they solved problems as they needed. My grandfather grew up on a farm and his natural ability to engineer things made the roadster a stand out. In the early 1960's when my uncle was in the army, my dad bought the roadster from him. He finished it and made it shine! The car even inspired him to go into business and he has been at it for almost 50 years!


So for me this is what its about, preserving my families history and pushing the envelope in the process. I have pretty much dedicated my life to building these cars. I restored my roadster in the mid nineties and have been building cars ever since. From humble beginings, to even a short time on a TV show it has all been a giant learning curve for me. Its time to apply what I have learned with no distractions, and thats what I plan to do.


After building cars with my dad for many years I moved to Austin TX to chase my dreams and my pursuit of learning this craft. I spent six years in Austin I learned more than I could have imagined! The chase has finally lead me full circle. I've come home. Home, armed with tons of experience............. and Jeff Peterson.


Jeff Came to the shop in Austin as an eager kid chasing his own dreams and we quickly became a strong team. Together we plan to build Midwest Fabrication into a shop that will be looked at as cutting edge with a firm grasp of tradition. A shop that will span generations.

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